Music in General Studies

Music in General Studies

The Music in General Studies Program at the IU Jacobs School of Music celebrates the essential and enriching role music plays in the lives of students across the university. Take courses in topics from the early history of Western music through to rock 'n' roll and experimental modern music, or take courses to create your own music.

See the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin for course descriptions and the Schedule of Classes for a list of courses offered in a given semester. Courses with an asterisk (*) fulfill General Education requirements.

MUS Z100  The Live Musical Performance (2 cr.)
MUS Z101  Music for the Listener* (3 cr.)
MUS Z103  Special Topics in Music for Nonmajors (3 cr.)
MUS Z111  Introduction to Music Theory* (3 cr.)
MUS Z112  Introduction to Musical Skills (1-3 cr.)
MUS Z120  Music in Multimedia* (3 cr.)
MUS Z130  Musical Performance Contexts* (3 cr.)
MUS Z165  Beginning Ukulele (2 cr.)
MUS Z171  Opera Theater* (3 cr.)
MUS Z175  Intermediate Ukulele (2 cr.)
MUS Z190  Jazz for Listeners* (3 cr.)
MUS Z200  History of the Blues* (3 cr.)
MUS Z201  History of Rock 'n' Roll Music I* (3 cr.)
MUS Z202  History of Rock 'n' Roll Music II* (3 cr.)
MUS Z203  History of Rock 'n' Roll Music III* (3 cr.)
MUS Z204  Women Musicians* (3 cr.)
MUS Z208  History of Punk Rock* (3 cr.)
MUS Z211  Music Theory II* (3 cr.)
MSU Z212  Musical Skills II (1 cr.)
MUS Z224  Music and Culture in the James Bond Franchise* (3 cr.)
MUS Z250  Choral Masterworks* (3 cr.)
MUS Z260  Music in American Society* (3 cr.)
MUS Z261  Music and Community Engagement I* (3 cr.)
MUS Z262  Music and Community Engagement II (3 cr.)
MUS Z264  Music and Videogames* (3 cr.)
MUS Z265  American Country Music* (3 cr.)
MUS Z270  Music of War and Peace* (3 cr.)
MUS Z280  Music of the Silk Road* (3 cr.)
MUS Z281  East-West Encounters in Music* (3 cr.)
MUS Z282  Music of Russia* (3 cr.)
MUS Z283  Popular Music of Europe and Asia* (3 cr.)
MUS Z284  Music in Global Cinema* (3 cr.)
MUS Z290  Remixing* (3 cr.)
MUS Z291  Producing Electronic Dance Music (3 cr.)
MUS Z311  Music Theory III (3 cr.)
MUS Z313  Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (3 cr.)
MUS Z315  Music for Film (3 cr.)
MUS Z320  Advanced Special Topics in Music for Nonmajors (3 cr.)
MUS Z340  Introduction to Music Business (3 cr.)
MUS Z373  The American Musical (3 cr.)
MUS Z393  History of Jazz (3 cr.)
MUS Z395  Contemporary Jazz and Soul (3 cr.)
MUS Z401  The Music of the Beatles (3 cr.)
MUS Z402  Music of Frank Zappa (3 cr.)
MUS Z403  Music of Jimi Hendrix (3 cr.)
MUS Z404  The Music of Bob Dylan (3 cr.)
MUS Z405  The Music of the Beach Boys (3 cr.)
MUS Z406  Leonard Bernstein: Life and Music (3 cr.)
MUS Z411  Music Theory IV (3 cr.)
MUS Z415  Connections: Music, Art, Literature (3 cr.)

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